Owners: Alvin & Aimee

Welcome to our Gym Family!

We've been happily married since 2005, and live right here in Virginia Beach, with our 6 yr old twins, while Alonzo is attending his first year at the Corp of Cadets at Virginia Tech! We've got a 2 yr old American Bully named Archie, and love the gym life. Alvin's other focus is as a mortgage officer and real estate specialist. We are absolutely commited to making and maintaining the best and most positive facility around!

Staff Profiles


Ant was a pivotal asset to the start of it all. He's decided to

follow his passion of training and loves his clients.



Jimmy the Juggernaut of Jazzy things. 


A black belt in Rex Kwon Do, he's also a competitive powerlifter, and current student looking to become a physical therapist.


Just wanted to one up us all with this bad ass picture of him diving.


Mikey The Monster Mauler of Mayhem. Don't mess with him, 

or he'll kill you with his killer smile.


Nikki the School Teacher. She's use to yelling at kids all day already, 

so make sure you re-rack your weights!


Paul The Punisher of Poundage. I'm only in competition with myself, 

but that's ok, because I always win.