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Common Questions


Where and when?!

1832 Kempsville Rd (corner of Centerville, Woods Corner), Virginia Beach, VA 23464. When you Google it, it shows WalMart. We are in the same building, just around to the side of it (left side). We're aiming for an opening day some time in April 2019. We're doing our absolute best to get it as early as possible, but we can't control everything (city, permits, demo, buildout, weather, equipment delivery, etc)

What's it gonna have?

We want Kempsville to be just as great as Castleton, but it's own vibe! A ton of great equipment with the same dope atmosphere. How about a 100' x 12' turf area for more sled, rope, conditioning work?! We still love our powerlifters -so cages, dl platforms, decked out benches! Oly friends - yup, platforms, jerk blocks, pull blocks, bushing bars, higher end plates. Functional friends - you love our rig and area now right? What if we had about 60% of more open space?! Bodybuilders - we'll have some special machines that you may not have seen before! 8 stack jungle gym, tons of pin selected machines, and more! Strongman gets so much love, you're going to have your own dedicated room! Conditioning & cardio tools will include: rowers, ski ergs, rogue echo bikes, stairmills, treadmills, ellipticals, and assault runners!

How much?

We've already had over 100 members join the pre-sale! As of now, new members 101-200 can get a year of membership for only $249 (less than $21/mo)! Just click on the link above. This will give you a full year membership from the day that we open. After that, you will be month to month at our regular rates of $39/mo ($29 if active duty or full time 1st responder).

I can't wait until April! What other options are there?

If you do our pre-sale, you can come into our current location and for just a $79 additional charge, can start utilizing this facility until Kempsville opens! That means just $79 for the next 2-3 months. Don't want to pay a lump sum upfront? Come join anytime at Castleton with either of these options:

1. Sign a 12 mo contract and the sign up fee is waived! 

2. Hate contracts? Go month to month with just a $79 sign up fee.

Membership pricing is just $39/mo ($29/mo if active duty or full time 1st responder). Spouses (not your gf, sister, or side piece)  are only an additional $19/mo (and dependent children under 18)!


As of now, we are building out a dedicated enclosed room for child care. Unfortunately, we do not have the staffed hours set up, but do plan on having it as a service, and further details will follow.

Sauna? Showers? Pool? Bball court?

Sauna - at some time we hope so. We are focusing on opening first, and should have the room for a 2-4 person IR setup in each bathroom/changing area. Showers - yes! 4 in each. Tiled. ADA compliant one in each. Bigger changing rooms too! Bball or pool - No. We're a strength shop, and rec commend getting a low cost city of VB rec center membership if these are pivotal to you!